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Anthem's loot drop rates have been tweaked

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As a shared-world shooter, Anthem had the opportunity to see where other games had succeeded and where they had failed. They had the chance to capitalize on the mistakes of others and provide a robust experience right out of the gate. Not only did BioWare fail to improve the genre in certain ways, it arguably was worse in others. Personally, I found the social space in Anthem to be less enjoyable than that of other games. While Anthem has undoubtedly been in development for a long time, I cannot imagine that slight deviations from their starting vision could not have been made after watching other titles release one after another.

Today, BioWare was announced on the official Reddit forum for Anthem that the in-game loot drop rates have been tweaked, meaning allowing more high-level loot to drop in the game. The primary complaint from most Reddit users was that the recent patch update to Anthem caused the rate of Masterwork and Legendary drops – the two highest tiers of drops in the game – to be incredibly stingy across all difficulties of play. So many players felt that playing the game at the highest levels was effectively not worth their time; the grind for good loot, with good stat rolls, was not worth doing due to the low drop rates.

Players have been against Anthem's drop system basically since the start, after they realized that a brief moment of loot clarity was actually a bug. Since then the sentiment has only gotten stronger, leading to a "Loot Boycott" movement where the community was urged to stop playing until something was done about it (this is pretty common, as the Destiny 2 community revolted this past year as well). After weeks of deliberation BioWare has seemingly acquiesced, delivering a March 15 update that simply buffs loot drops and quality across the board. Best and Cheapest Anthem Shard Packs For Sale - Mmocs.com.

For starters, GM2 and GM3 are still just way, way too inefficient to farm. Even if you can dance through GM1 with your eyes closed, the next two difficulty levels are miles beyond that. My interceptor who can blaze through any GM1 content cannot stop being one-shot by literally any remotely powerful enemy in GM2, making it way too risky to farm solo and too exhausting to do in a group most of the time. I did play some GM2 on my Colossus who, when his health isn’t bugged, is beefy enough to survive there, and drop rates do seem up. I didn’t get any legendaries there, but Legendary Contracts did give me 3-4 Masterworks per run, up from the usual 1.

In other words, it doesn't matter what weapon you use, as long as it comes packing the highest available Power Score. Inscriptions don't matter. If you decide to not use a weapon with a higher Power Score, and rather use a weapon that looks more powerful and has better inscriptions, your damage output will sink considerably.

Community Manager Jesse Anderson also took to Reddit two days ago, to reply to some of the criticisms being made towards BioWare for Anthem. Echoing similar sentiments as Robertson, the plan from BioWare is to continue to make large and small scale changes to Anthem’s overall loot system based on community feedback, while providing further content updates as planned.

Re: Anthem's loot drop rates have been tweaked

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